How Are House Numbers Assigned

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Elle trouve son origine dans une zone frontière où se côtoient l’armée, le fisc et la police.

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There is also evidence that the buildings of the Augsburg « Fuggerei » – a building providing low rent flats for the poor – were numbered with Gothic numerals by 1519, a very early example of the technology but it is not clear if the numbers were used to identify the houses17.

Who ever wants to step earlier in history to find beginnings and origins can mention the 68 houses situated on the Paris Pont Notre Dame.

Moreover, even if house names had been visible, and even if there had been a register of house names, a name-based addressing system would nonetheless have posed problems. an object targeted by state authorities might have been missed owing to the confusion of houses because of homonymy.

For example, at the end of the eighteenth century, there were six buildings downtown Vienna and other twenty three located in the suburbs named « » (At the Golden Eagle’s); thus, all together there were twenty nine houses that could be mixed up under a name-based addressing system12.

It aimed to give the state access to the riches and resources of every house, and to make it easier to control, tax or recruit their inhabitants, or to lodge soldiers.

After an overview of the house numbering development in18-century Europe, this article treats the different systems of house numbering (consecutive numbering of all the houses in the city or in a district, block numbering, the ‘clockwise schemes’, the even/odd system etc), arguing that it was difficult to make people accept the difference between the address and the physical data (the house). Cette technologie n’a pas été introduite dans le but de simplifier l’orientation des habitants des villes ou d’être utile aux étrangers.

House numbering in this case was used to fight against city growth; tracking down a house by means of its number was considered of secondary importance15.

One could also mention that according to Edward Hatton’s « A New View of London » in 1708 in London the houses of Prescot Street were numbered, though these numbers were not used in the following decades16.

Après un tour d’horizon sur l’introduction du numérotage de maisons en Europe, l’article traite des différents systèmes utilisés pour le numérotage (numérotage dans l’ordre des localités entières ou par district, numérotage des pâtés de maisons, numérotage des rues selon le système du « fer à cheval » ou le système pair/impair).

Il ne fut pas facile de faire accepter l’idée d’une différence entre le numéro (celui de la maison) et l’adresse.


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