How Does Safe Assign Work

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Safe Assign allows students to submit papers that are checked against comprehensive databases of source material.An originality report will then be generated in a time period ranging from a few minutes to 72 hours.Download the Safe Assign Student Handout The Assignments tool in Blackboard integrates the use of plagiarism tools using Safe Assign.

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Using sources in one's writing requires proper citation.

Plagiarism is the inclusion of someone else’s words, ideas, or data as one’s own.

Students can submit draft assignments to check their own work before submitting papers to be graded.

Safe Assign reports clearly mark potential problem areas, giving students a powerful tool to help them learn to quote and paraphrase sources properly.

In addition to acting as a plagiarism deterrent, it also has features designed to aid you with learning about plagiarism and the importance of proper attribution of content from other sources and by other people.

Once you enter the Safe Assignment, you will see the assignment information again.Safe Assign is a plagiarism prevention tool offered by Blackboard.This service helps educators detect unoriginal content in student papers.Keep in mind that just because your text matches another source, you are not necessarily guilty of plagiarism.When using references from published materials, you can help deter accusations of plagiarism by accurately and adequately citing your sources and by making an effort to show how the material is used it to support your work.Some students may or may not intentionally plagiarize.Sometimes students are in such a hurry, they forget to quote other's work.Instructors may use this software in any class using an e Learn shell.Students and/or instructors submit documents directly in their e Learn courses.This video shows how students can submit to a draft, final, and regular assignment.Note: If your instructor does not use Safe Assign, you can use the Student Success Center Tutoring course within Blackboard to submit your paper online and view an originality report.


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