How To Solve A Pythagorean Theorem Problem

The easiest way to see that you should be applying this theorem is by drawing a picture of whatever situation is described.Two hikers leave a cabin at the same time, one heading due south and the other headed due west.If it isn’t, then you can’t use the Pythagorean theorem.

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Due south and due west form a right angle, and the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.

Therefore, we can apply the Pythagorean theorem and write: \(3.1^2 2.8^2 = x^2\) Here, you will need to use a calculator to simplify the left-hand side: \(17.45 = x^2\) Now use your calculator to take the square root. \(\beginx &= \sqrt \\ &\approx 4.18 \text\end\) As you can see, it will be up to you to determine that a right angle is part of the situation given in the word problem.

A ladder 13 m long is placed on the ground in such a way that it touches the top of a vertical wall 12 m high.

Find the distance of the foot of the ladder from the bottom of the wall. Here, the ladder, the wall and the ground from a right-angled triangle. According to Pythagorean Theorem, xx = 5 Therefore, distance of the foot of the ladder from the bottom of the wall = 5 meters. The height of two building is 34 m and 29 m respectively.

If the distance between the two building is 12 m, find the distance between their tops.

How To Solve A Pythagorean Theorem Problem Coursework Essay Bank

Solution: The vertical buildings AB and CD are 34 m and 29 m respectively.Write an expression that shows the value of \(y\) in terms of \(x\).Since no figure was given, your first step should be to draw one. A person has to walk 100 m to go from position X in the north of east direction to the position B and then to the west of Y to reach finally at position Z.The position Z is situated at the north of X and at a distance of 60 m from X. PS = 80 Therefore perimeter of the rectangle PQRS = 2 (length width) = 2 (150 80) m = 2 (230) m = 460 m 4.Draw DE ┴ AB Then AE = AB – EB but EB = BC Therefore AE = 34 m - 29 m = 5 m Now, AED is right angled triangle and right angled at E.If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.But, the length of any side of a triangle can never be negative and therefore we only consider the positive square root.In other situations, you will be trying to find the length of one of the legs of a right triangle.Table of Contents In the examples below, we will see how to apply this rule to find any side of a right triangle triangle.As in the formula below, we will let a and b be the lengths of the legs and c be the length of the hypotenuse.


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