How To Solve Decimal Problems

How To Solve Decimal Problems-40
This rewriting with the same number of digits may not be so important if the problem requires you to multiply decimals or divide them.

This rewriting with the same number of digits may not be so important if the problem requires you to multiply decimals or divide them.

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Example of moving the decimal point for division: 9.24 ÷ 7.008 You want the divisor 7.008 to be a whole number, so you need to move the decimal point 3 places to the right: 7008 Now you need to move the decimal point for the dividend 3 places to the right: 9240 In this case you have to add a zero to move it 3 places.

Now you divide 9240 by 7008 to get the answer: Example: 0.64 ÷ 3.2 = ?

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Hence, there are a few things that must be remembered while solving decimals.

1 x 25 = 25, thus 25 goes in once with no remainder. 36 goes into 278 seven times with a remainder of 26.

First we multiply without worrying about the decimals: Now, we count the total amount of decimals. If we count over 5 decimal places from the end of 1308200 we get the same answer: 13.08200 Note: the extra zeros to the right of the decimal point do not change the value of the number. If both divisor and dividend are decimals: If the divisor is a decimal number rather than a whole number, then you need to take an extra step.

In this step you convert the divisor from a decimal number to a whole number.

Seeing as the 5 is the first decimal number, we will write the decimal point in the quotient and divide 25 by 25, which equals 1.

The result of this decimal division by a whole number is 3.1 and the remainder is zero. There cannot be decimals in the divisor; therefore, remove the decimal point from the divisor and add as many zeros to the dividend as there are digits after the decimal point. Now drop down the 0, so that we can divide 260 by 36, which equals 7 with a remainder of 8.


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