How To Write An Introduction For A Term Paper

In many works, the conclusion begins with phrases such as “so,” “summing up the results,” “on the basis of the conducted studies,” and others of this nature.Next, the tasks that could be solved in the term paper are indicated.Often, writing a conclusion is considered the most difficult issue, requiring concentration of thought and attention.

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It would seem that the main work has been done: the introduction to the term paper has been polished, and the main part is succinctly stated.

What remains is to correctly write the conclusion and the finished work can be safely attributed to the department. The conclusion of a term paper is one of the key moments in the entire work, completed in the process of its creation.

It begins with the justification of relevance, continues with the argumentation of the goal, the achievement of which was the result of the project, and ends with a list of the resolved tasks identified in the introduction that have been implemented.

The conclusion is closely intertwined with the main part and the introduction, and is not separated from them in style and content.

The conclusion is usually written exactly after you write the main part.

How To Write An Introduction For A Term Paper

Some students write term papers starting immediately with the main part, bypassing the introduction.

A mandatory attribute of the introduction is the purpose of writing the term paper, which you are aiming to achieve at the end of your work. From it you will start off when writing your conclusion to the term paper.

After you write the main part, ask yourself: “What do I already have?

In the introduction, the main meaning of the term paper is usually written, i.e. In other words, in the introduction you write an action plan for the future investigation of the problem you have chosen.

Here you prescribe all of your actions that you want to implement in the term paper stage-by-stage.


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