I Have A Dream Writing Paper

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Thanks talented teachers – your printables and activities are great!

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Crayon Box That Talked – Review diversity, why each child is special and deserving based on using the affiliate read aloud book, “The Crayon Box That Talked.”2.

Diversity With Play-dough – Hiding color in the middle of playdough balls is a great visual to demonstrate diversity and that people are people.3.

Print these civil rights and Martin Luther King Jr.

worksheets to study and celebrate Martin Luther King Day, which is always observed on the third Monday of January.But you can look at people and decide if they are a good leader, by what outcomes they arrive at, the way they inspire people, and the qualities that they poses.All of these aspects are in one of the greatest leaders of all times and that would be, Dr. This man is one to be admired and sought to be like.Martin followed in his dad’s footsteps and was ordained and became a minister of a Baptist church in the city Montgomery, Alabama.Montgomery was a place of great racism in the South. King saw this racism and felt something needed to be done.Which meant he would not rest until all his people were free and would do anything to help them have there freedom.The goals he set for his people were of independence, desegregation, and to have their freedom.By setting these goals it shows that King is a great leader.I feel you have to set goals to accomplish your task.King took action against segregation from that day, to his death.By taking action I mean that he formed many organizations one of which was Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which allowed him to pursue other civil rights activities. King to help his people through his leadership skills. The goals he set for himself was that ” I will not rest until all black men, women, children are free of segregation”.


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