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The project marked a departure for Genesis Publications, which had previously focused on facsimile editions of historical nautical journals, including The Log of H. Lennon had taken offence at Harrison's book, telling interviewer David Sheff: "I was hurt by it ...

By glaring omission in the book, my influence on his life is absolutely zilch and nil ...

You can study full-time over one year or part-time over 2 years.

The course is an equivalent to GCSE / IGCSE and will offer the same opportunities for progression to our Foundation Diploma courses.

Exploratory Stage: This first part of the course takes you through a programme of developing skills in drawing, painting, mixed media (collage), digital art and 3d (sculpture).

2006 Higher English Critical Essay Paper - I Me Mine Art Coursework

Pathway Stage: In this second part of the course you will be asked to make one art project within a specialist pathway, that is related to a theme which is of personal interest to you.

Previous themes have included: ‘The way I look’ “My Manga World” “I Me & Mine” ‘Bully’ “Success’ “Acceptance’ “Delicate” “Overhead and Underneath’ “Surfaces’ “Precious” “Through The Keyhole’ “My Dream World” “Taken” Pathways include: Illustration (including Manga), 3d Modelling, Games Design, Textiles, Fashion, 3D (including Sculpture), Animation, Photography, Architectural Design, Digital Art, Printmaking, Fine Art, Craft, Painting.

Your artwork will be assessed against the following 4 units: Standard Two Year Course is just £34.99 GBP x 20 months or single payment of £699 GBP Intensive One Year Course is just £99.99 x 10 months or single payment of £999 GBP International students studying outside of Europe the fee is £2000 GBP 00 USD* for the standard 2 year course and . £3000 GBP 00 USD* for the intensive 1 year course.

It was limited to 2000 signed copies, with a foreword and narration by Derek Taylor. Genesis subsequently became a leading publisher of rock music-related illustrated books, including further titles by Harrison and Taylor, as well as books about the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, among others.

The Genesis limited edition sold out soon after publication, and it was subsequently published in hardback and paperback in black ink by W H Allen in London and by Simon & Schuster in New York. I, Me, Mine was released a few months before John Lennon's murder in December 1980.


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