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Majors other than CS and Cy S receive credit for CS 105 or E 115.Computer Science (CS) and Cybersecurity (Cy S) majors and minors will receive credit for one free elective and are exempt from CS 115, CS 284 and start in CS 385.If you're a transfer student, please see the Transfer Student section of our site for different information that applies to you.

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Anyway, now that I’m a certified working adult and the IB is just a distant memory, getting 45 points isn’t much of a big deal.People say this all the time, but it’s really true - nobody cares about your grades a few years down the road.What matters more is maintaining a spirit of learning and wanting to improve oneself.Majors other than CS, Cy S, and QF receive credit for CS 105 or E 115.Stevens participates in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.(English was unfortunately a subject I struggled with.)To fulfill my CAS hours easily, I joined Student Council and Touch Rugby.I believe the following habits and strategies got me to 45 points.Also something quite interesting...because i don't have the best attention span. I personally got a 17/20 (just hit that 7 benchmark! As long as you put work into it you can get a good grade.) for my math exploration (though a 6 in math HL as paper 1 pulled all my marks down pwhahaha so you might want to find someone who actually got a 7 in Math HL to help you out). I was very interested by ur topic (Toroidal Universe) could you please email me ur IA? After all, anything you can think of probably has been done 10 thousand times.Send your official AP Exam scores to Stevens through the College Board, using the school code 2819.If you have any questions about your AP credit prior to attending Stevens, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


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