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And remember: There are no side effects – they are part of the technology.TED Talks with further interesting information (last accessed ): Damian Palin: Mining minerals from seawater, Hillis: Back to the future (of 1994), Fineberg: Are we ready for neo-evolution?

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People are sleep deprived nowadays since taking their eyes off their phone or laptop screens become a near to impossible task.

This leads to problems in vision, cancer, obesity etc. We prefer to sitting, playing games or listening to music instead of walking or going outdoor or performing any work which requires physical activity.

With so many advantages and comfort, come the disadvantages too.

Technology is being used imprudently these days resulting in affecting the society negatively and complicating our lives.

Technology is an essential part of our lives today and few can imagine living without.

We achieved a lot with the help of technology, for example we have the possibility to travel, keep in touch with friends on the other side of the earth and cure many illnesses.

This implies to make technology as positive as possible for humanity and the environment in the long run.

The technology we create now creates the future and it should be for the people and make things easier and not more complicated. Technology shapes the future and it can help to make it compatible with nature.

Modes of transportation has increased the ease of access but has also increased the amount of pollution.

Due to technology, a broad range of options have become accessible to people.


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