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Some problems caused by alcohol in college are,missing an assignment or class, or even death.

Some problems caused by alcohol in college are,missing an assignment or class, or even death.

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NEW DELHI — India’s government has proposed giving itself vast new powers to suppress internet content, igniting a heated battle with global technology giants and prompting comparisons to censorship in China.

I also analyze other forms of media such as film and the Internet to find examples of the use and display of alcohol, and how it affects, and is targeted towards youth.

There have been a number of campaigns to combat the undiscriminating advertising of alcohol to young people during the course of the last two decades. Press Conference on Alcohol Advertising Reforms.) According to Commissioner Kessler of the Food and Drug Administration, addiction to nicotine is a "pediatric disease." If that's true for smoking, which kills users much later in life, then youthful alcohol consumption can only be labeled a "pediatric disaster." His studies also show that the earlier children begin to drink the more likely they are to become heavy drinkers, use illicit drugs and suffer problems related to their alcohol and drug use.

“This is very similar to what China does to its citizens, where it polices their every move and tracks their every post on social media.”India’s proposals add to the growing resistance worldwide against internet behemoths like Google and Facebook, which once flourished largely unimpeded.

In Europe, officials last year enacted tough new rules to protect people’s online data, forcing the companies to change some practices.The new rules could be imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government anytime after the public comment period ends on Thursday night.The administration has been eager to get them in place before the date is set for this spring’s national elections, which will prompt special pre-election rules limiting new policies.College is a huge part of every student's life, and there is no reason to tryto ruin college or life by excessive drinking.Students need to understandthere is more to life than partying or going out every night.Problems occur withmany people who do drink very heavily because it impairs their ability to getthings done for many hours including the ones when drinking and after.Astudent may not attend class the day after drinking because he or she may beto sick or just exhausted from the drinking the night before.Maybe if theschool did more about educating the students on the issues of drinking therewouldn't be so many binge drinkers.If that huge paper is due in a couple daysor there is class in the morning going out and partying is not going to helpwith either situation.alcohol to children For years, the population has been exposed to different forms of media.Recently, President Clinton and the Food and Drug Administration of the United States have rightfully attacked alcohol company abuses in advertising, with the support of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), and the American Medical Association. At a press conference on alcohol advertising reforms, George A.Hacker, Director of the Alcohol Policies Project reported results of a survey conducted in the United States to determine evidence on the use of alcohol by youths.


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