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Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. Love is a strong and beautiful emotion, and everybody learn to love from the moment they step into the world. Middle Anyone can argue that no man likes Bibi because she is not as pretty as the other women in town. This can be proved with the monkey incident when Bobby is trapped with the monkeys. All of these failing communication lead to hurt feeling each person.

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When two people become emotionally connected, they care for and accept each other no matter what. Everyone gets older, and his or her beauty will fades away, unlike emotional connections that will stay with the person forever. s message is delivered to the readers after Bibi gives birth to her baby, and she is cured from her mental sickness. Das is only interested in his ability to interpret people? Lahiri shows how no one is there for him by saying that only he can sees the slip of paper going away. He only wishes for someone he can be emotionally connected with.

Emotional connections require people to communicate and express their feelings. She finally has someone to love, and someone that will love her. Lahiri focuses on flawed relationships and difficulty of communication. He is drag into a big disappointment because he is not able to connect and communicate with Mrs. The misinterpretation would not have occurred if Mr. In conclusion, Lahiri has shown the readers that emotional connection is a big part of human? Both characters in Interpreter of Maladies suffer emotional pain because love and appreciation are missing from their lives.

In America, there exists a common misconception that immigrants who arrive in this country fully assimilate or seek to assimilate as time progresses.

The category I chose was "The Dot of true Happiness." The dot which signifies the bindi, a traditional red mark worn by Indian people, is the source of true happiness among these immigrants.

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In the book Interpreter of Maladies with the tittle “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri, the difficulty of communication becomes one of the problems. Kapasi feels lonely in his life and in his marriage because he lost his ability to communicate with his wife. Das is a selfish woman that always hides behind her sunglasses most of the time. Das do not communicate, not because of the language trouble but because Mrs. Das always gets himself in the guidebook, like said in the book “He glanced up from the paperback tour book, which said “INDIA” in yellow letters and looked as if it had been published abroad” (44).

She doesn’t care about her family, her husband and her children. Kapasi can’t communicate well with his wife because he has lost his ability for it. Kapasi also afraid to talk with his children because he fears that his English is not as good as his children.

Although these newly arrived immigrants are expected to be content only after assimilating to the American culture, Lahiri attests that it is the experiencing of the Indian culture in America which truly gives these immigrants satisfaction.

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