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These are the reasons that a loved leader would make a much better leader then the leader who is feared by the people.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

These are the reasons that a loved leader would make a much better leader then the leader who is feared by the people.

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The present age of business is extremely competitive and the only tool for survival is adaptability which comes through constant change.

When it comes to leading a country it is important to have the people's support from kindness and not from fear.

The people's support is the most important thing when it comes to running a country so having more voted and the people's opinion should be important to the leader when a loved leader would show that they care about the people as the feared leader has the people so scared that they won't speak out against them.

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You can view samples of our professional work here.She was a lady who aged with grace but was still very active and taught well we had story time even though we were older. Mace was someone I looked up to she lived a full life and went on to teach us and tell us all of our experiences she led us kids to go on and share what she taught us.My other leader that lead me to where I am now I just met this year. When we were young kids who did we look up to who were our leaders? Mothers and fathers across the nation are leaders they lead there children hopefully in the right path but these kids look up to them.You don’t have to lead an army, a country, or a revolution to be great leader and considered a role model.The people's opinion is needed to improve the leader or even the world and showing compassion to everyone makes them feel important and that they matter.A loved leader cared more about the people’s ideas and criticism and is willing to improve on the people's vote.A loved leader has the impression that they are kind and friendly when a feared leader shows that they are mean and not friendly.A loved leader is usually a kind person with many friends, they show compassion, and they are loving to the people that help them as a leader who is feared shows none of these traits.The leaders that I look up to are some of my teachers, my brother, and the well known Gandhi.In 5th grade I had a teacher who was in her mid fifties, she was supposed to retire 5 years before I had her.


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