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However, if the milk is more than the price of the fodder, the excess is riba. For Usamah ibn Zayd : “There is no riba except in nasi’ah (waiting).

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This is mainly because unlike conventional banks, the Islamic banks have not been exposed to losses from investment in toxic assets nor have they been dependent on wholesale funds since these practices are not in accordance with the principles set out in the Sharia Law.Here are a few things to know: Your first stop should be checking your library for whatever samples you can find in academic journals.Not only will you be doing a lot of your research using these resources, but they can provide you with a detailed perspective of what a good dissertation should contain.Working on your dissertation may prove to be one of the most difficult tasks you will know in your academic career.It’s the pinnacle of your entire time in graduate school and often marks the first step in your professional career.In particular, Islamic law prohibits usury, the collection and payment of interest, also commonly called Riba in Islamic discourse”.Islamic banking also finds its roots in Islamic finance and all type of transactions are interest free of risk sharing.The Islamic banking has increased in terms of branches, deposits, capital funds, sources. on the Western banking model; the latter being inconsistent with Islamic law primarily due to the disapproval of Riba (i. Riba in Hadith “Every loan that derives a benefit (to the creditor) is riba”. Abu said al Khudri Radi-Allahu Anhu narrated that Holy Prophet ( peace be upon him) said: “Gold for gold, silver for silver, wheat for wheat, barley for barley, dates for dates, and salt for salt, like for like, payment made hand by hand.If anyone gives more or asks for more, he has dealt in Riba. If the creditor received a goat as mortgage from the debtor, the creditor may use its milk to the extent he has spent in providing fodder to the goat.Most advisors will have years’ worth of archived dissertations that should work excellently as references for your own work. Lastly, you should always check with your peers, both present and in other universities.Social networking tools have made it easy to connect with people from all over the world.


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