John Proctor The Crucible Character Analysis Essay

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Although Abigail still longs for John, he remains true to his spouse.

When his wife and friends are charged with witchcraft, you see a new side to John Proctor.

When he discovers that Abigail's testimony is questionable, and not...

When he discovers that Abigail's testimony is questionable, and not reliable, he does not worry about the 12 people he has executed on her say so, he worries that his life will be threatened by an angry mob of citizens once they realize that the whole process has been false.

He is determined to take care of the witch problem, therefore his mind is already made up before he hears any testimony.

Once one person is hanged as a witch, he must be consistent in his rulings to maintain the legitimacy of his authority.Abigail had once been John Proctor's lover, but was then rejected. Conclusion You drank a charm to kill John Proctors wife!" Abigail then smashes Betty across the face and shouts "shut it, shut it!Danforth is the judge in charge of making decisions at the witch-trials.He is arrogant and feels superior to everyone in Salem.Abigail uses this technique many times in the play.On this occasion, Mary Warren blames Proctor to save her life.In the play, you find that he has already confessed to Elizabeth and has cast out Abigail.This is a smart choice for Proctor because it drives out the problem when Abigail leaves.He tears up the arrest warrant, throws out the officials and rages "Damn the Deputy Governor! " At the end of the play, in Act 4, John faces the ultimate test of his courage and moral values when he is faced with signing the document, where to lie would save his life. " Abigail Williams is undoubtedly the most despicable character in the play.Proctor cannot sign the lie and exclaims: "Because it is my name! Her young and innocent appearance conceals a sly, selfish and callous girl.


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