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This can take the form of writing down what she will do. Allow your mind to absorb what you've just studied.Break time is when you can put on a song that makes you dance and sing!If you're looking for suggestions to help kids get more organized about their schoolwork, here are some ideas to try: Set up a homework/study calendar. Encourage your child to use a red pen to mark the dates of tests or due dates for important projects.Then have him use a green pen for activities leading up to the due date.A shoebox will do, and I recently made a model home study kit using an easy-to-put-together box from a discount store.Keep the following in your child's kit (let her help you shop for these items if she's interested): File fix-up.They should start with one that's not too long or difficult, but avoid saving the longest or hardest assignments for last.The last thing you want is a kid working through a history essay at 10 o'clock at night.He can then label each folder and only keep important papers.For example, it is a good idea to look at old spelling tests to prepare for comprehensive tests at the end of the semester.


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