Laboratory Management

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Or—as Kerstin Nyberg explains—running one of the collaboration programs funded by the European Commission.

Such careers may require extra training, such as an MBA degree.

Truly productive PIs generate not just a steady stream of significant research papers but also a steady stream of postdocs who are ready to make significant contributions after leaving the lab, Benderly reports in "Mentoring and PI Productivity.” You'll find much more about mentoring in "Content Collection: Mentoring Advice.” Scientists are people—special people, but people nonetheless—so difficult personal situations can arise.

Here, here, and here, experts offer advice on how to manage conflict in the lab. Cohen, recommend periodically "going to the balcony"—mentally stepping out of the fray and watching what you are doing—as a way of anticipating problems with people.

Andrew Hagan shared his experience pursuing an international MBA program for scientists and engineers at the College of Engineers in Paris.

Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation (SLMTA), a structured quality improvement program, teaches laboratory managers how to implement practical quality management systems in resource-limited settings using available resources.Tooling Up columnist David Jensen explains how to assess whether you’re management material for industry.And in “Tooling Up: The ABCs of Transitioning to Leadership,” he offers advice on making the leap to a management position in industry.Project managers may work in biotech companies, pharma companies, and contract research organizations, among many other places.Whatever the setting, experience is important, says Meenakshi Kashyap, a former biotechnology scientist at an IT and bioinformatics consulting and outsourcing company.Two special features, "Staying Well - Safety in the Lab” and "Pregnancy and the Lab,” offer more advice and insight on safety—the latter in a very special context.Just as important is creating a work environment where ethics is pervasive.All researchers, and PIs in particular, should "Put Integrity High on Their To-Do List”, writes Nicholas H. Often, research integrity is about making the right choices, writes Careers contributing editor Elisabeth Pain.Steneck, a consultant to the federal Office of Research Integrity in the U. One issue in particular that is bound to come up is authorship, so it’s important that you know the ethics of how authorship should be decided and scientific authorship conventions and accountability.A person with an interest in this kind of career could also become a technical manager, or go for a management consulting career, seeking a job with a company like Mc Kinsey & Co., for example.Another avenue for management work is professional societies and funding bodies, where program officers and directors oversee research portfolios. A search for “management” yields around 1240 results, "project management” 790, "budget” 710, "financial planning” 450, "hire” 1095, "ethics” 260, "leadership” 420, and "lab safety” 190.


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