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The Extended Essay can seem like a big project, with researching, referencing and an RPPF to think about.

However, we hope to help you tackle this first taste of research by breaking down the key components, step-by-step. Choosing a topic for your extended essay can be a key decision, but, do not worry, we are here to offer some advice that will help you feel confident when picking your topic.

In addition, if you wish to combine some of your subjects, you could look into doing a World Studies extended essay.

This interdisciplinary research project takes a global challenge such as climate change and finds examples that are local to you, the students.

Although there are some guidelines that you should follow regarding layout and referencing, it is possible to personalise your extended essay to reflect you.

This is not to say that writing the essay in your favourite bright pink will score highly; rather, think about how you can make your ideas unique.Initially, this may phase some students; however, framing your question in this way allows you to explore different perspectives.Following multiple perspectives, and critically analysing each of these, is key to success in the extended essay.You could focus this question further by analysing how Facebook and Twitter are used by students at your school and undertake an Economic survey to gather this data (giving you room for an evaluation of your data set as well).There are 6 marks for focus and method, with 12 marks for critical thinking – This means having a research question that allows you to explore a specific area in detail will definitely help you to score highly.For example, a Physics extended essay on the path of a table tennis ball may look to incorporate several different features, such as gravity, weight, force and air resistance into a model.Alternatively, a History extended essay may explore different key players within a historical battle or transition.This does not have to be too detailed to begin with, and we recommend aiming to research enough to write an introduction to you essay.This introduction should outline the main themes you will explore and your line of argument.Firstly, choose something that you are interested in!Writing on a topic that excites you will come across in your extended essay, as you will be so much more engaged.


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