Lord Of The Flies Essay Innate Evil

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For example, though there are numerous others similar, in the late-18th century, Louis XVI of France abused his power and neglected even the basic needs of survival and health of the peasants which made up over 80% of France’s population.

In return, those peasants along with others in the middle class of France started the violent French revolution full of savagery and bloodshed.

In his widely-recognized book, The Leviathan, he claimed that, because human beings are naturally selfish and evil, one must cede his or her rights to the absolute monarch so that peace can be established and maintained.

However, if all human beings are cruel, then monarchs are not any different from the evil of those he rules.

The negative human nature can only be halted or diminished by rules in an organized civilization.

The Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel that deals with the conflict between two competing human impulses.

In the book, the several boys try to set up a temporary “government” in which Ralph, one of the older boys, plans rational approaches to return to civilization that incorporates everyone’s effort but later fails due to the little kids’ selfishness and immaturity.

For example, when Ralph, for the first time, instructs the group to build a signal fire and a select few to monitor it so that they might get rescued, the kids rush up the mountain and hastily start a fire “like a crowd of kids,” complains Piggy, a scholarly boy who is looked down upon for his appearance.


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