Lutron Homeworks Processor

The first time you add a device after opening the Design Module, it will default to the Relay Control Unit of the Domain Controller. Each of the Room Scenes has a default value for the light.

The Light has been added to the Action Tree so that it can be used for Timer Events, GUI Buttons, and Keypad Events.

For the P5 processor, open up your project in Illumination. Select the setup tab (the two gears) at the left of the programming page. Disconnect the commercially bought RS-232 cable from your PC and from the Lutron Home Works controller.

Select the interfaces tab at the top center of the setup page. Connect the Lutron Home Works side of the cable that goes to the Domain Controller to serial port 3 or 7 of the Lutron Home Works controller.

If the light is dimmer controlled, then select the "Yes" radio button.

The first time you select "Yes" you will get the warning message at the right. Check the "Controlled by (and wired to)" check box to define how it is controlled.Lutron Home Works is a high end lighting control system.The Domain Controller connects to the Lutron processor via RS-232 and is compatible with the following wired and wireless components: RPMs, keypads, Vareo and Maestro switches, CCO relays.This is a cost-saving solution when only one link type is required (RF or QS).For multi-processor projects, the 1-link processor can be configured to any link type including: QS Wired, RF, RPM Panel or H48/Q96.We highly recommend you do this when you add the device. After clicking OK on the menu above an icon for the device will appear where you initially clicked to add it.The "Controlled by" dropdown box will default to the last control used on any device layer. The Room menu now has the icon of the Light as a device that can be controlled.DIN power modules support any lighting load type so integrators can easily adjust for last minute changes to the lighting fixtures.The 1-link Home Works QS processor and the DIN solutions are supported in version 12.0 of the Home Works QS Designer Software.Note that if you want to change any of the parameters of it, click on the icon of the device and make sure the "Edit " menu pops up.It is the one that also has a "Delete" button on it.


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