Macbeth Vs Lady Macbeth Essays

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During the first couple acts his dependence on Lady Macbeth and her ability to motivate him was great.

The lady comments here that her husband is too weak to strive for the crown.

The relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is a very close but a rather strange one.

There are a lot of things that Macbeth does not understand about Lady Macbeth, that she knows about him, for example, she knows his weakness of character and his strengths.

Through ambition, action and subsequent destruction, this essay will prove their difference.

Both Macbeths and Lady Macbeths ambitions were great. Macbeths ambition, while one of his fatal flaws as a tragic character, did receive a slow start.

Compare and Contrast: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Ambition, the world's driving force to achieve their goals.

Ambition is a characteristic of human nature, which, if expressed in an evil manner, can turn the entire person evil.

Due to Macbeth's lack of knowledge of his spouse, he is unable to prevent her.

Many factors like persuasion and ambition are a big part in the couple's relationship.


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