Manuscript Writing Paper

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In the methods section, describe the techniques used; if a novel technique is used, explain it with the steps involved.

Make sure to check all references cited and listed in the manuscript are correct and pertinent to the study.

Most importantly, make sure the article reads well.

Clear, concise, and grammatically correct English is a must.

Poor language and syntax bring down the possibilities of the paper getting published.

When in doubt about how to report materials and methods, look to papers published in recognized journals that use similar methods and/or materials.

Feel free to consult an experienced colleague to review the research techniques used in the study.

Try not to overstate the importance of the research findings; rather, clearly point to their true significance.

Have no qualms about explaining why the results of the study contradict current theories, if that is the case.

For any significant reagents used in experiments, mention the names of companies they were purchased from.

Make sure the figures, graphs, and tables used can speak for themselves.


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