Music And Physics Essay

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What I had realized, I told Lateef, was that the same geometric principle that motivated Einstein’s theory was reflected in Coltrane’s diagram.

Part of Einstein’s genius, Alexander points out, was his willingness to leap beyond the limits of his particular mathematical problem and into a field of possibilities, which he explored through improvisational experimentation — , or thought experiments.

To quantum physicists, particles are described by the physics of vibration.

And to quantum cosmologists, vibrations of fundamental entities such as strings could possibly be the key to the physics of the entire universe.

” Suddenly, in watching Eno manipulate waveforms, Alexander had a revelation.

He explains: Sound is a vibration that pushes a medium, such as air or something solid, to create traveling waves of pressure.

That particular morning, Brian was manipulating waveforms on his computer with an intimacy that made it feel as if he were speaking Wavalian, some native tongue of sound waves.

What struck me was that Brian was playing with, arguably, the most fundamental concept in the universe — the physics of vibration.

The quantum scales those strings play are, unfortunately, terribly intangible, both mentally and physically, but there it was in front of me — sound — a This unexpected contact with sound made tangible shone a sidewise gleam on a question Alexander had been puzzling over ever since graduate school, when he had asked his mentor — the famed cosmologist Robert Brandenberger — what the most important question in cosmology was.

Rather than an expected answer, like what may have caused the Big Bang, Brandenberger surprised the young man with his response: “How did the large-scale structure in the universe emerge and evolve?


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