My Dad Means Me Essay

We went and we blocked the exit and we were waiting, praying, crying, and hoping.We saw a group of guys that were being escorted to a big van behind the fence that we were blocking.

We also learned more about the government’s reasons for picking him up.

My family and I never thought that such minor issues would put him at risk.

Our family didn’t know anyone who had been through the process of deportation, so we didn’t know what to do in case this happened to us.

This terrible process has brought realizations: We have come to understand just how profoundly my dad had dedicated his life to us and our wellbeing, and just how dependent we are on him.

If they actually remove him, the government will be taking away our life, our happiness, and our wellbeing. Before this, being an American meant being like my dad: a “good citizen” of our community.

Work hard, take care of your kids, pay taxes, pay rent, help your neighbors.On their way to another school to drop off my 13-year-old sister Fatima, my dad noticed two vehicles following him.The cars turned on their flashing lights and pulled him over, and my dad noticed that their vests said ‘Police.’ My dad asked them, “What did I do wrong officer? ” The man said, “Shut up, get out of the car, you have an order of deportation!The video my sister Fatima made of the ICE officers taking my dad while she sobbed went viral on the internet. When it started to get played on the news it just made us feel down.Eventually, we started turning off the news whenever they played it.The we got a phone call from the legal team saying my dad’s deportation had been stopped temporarily.My dad called us from the detention center and we gave him the news. I felt relief knowing my dad was not being deported, but anxiety at not knowing any more than that. The next day we found out he had been transferred to a detention center in Adelanto, about 100 miles away from Los Angeles.My life has drastically changed since February 28, 2017, when my father was arrested by ICE agents as part of President Trump’s effort to fulfill his campaign promise to deport immigrants with criminal records.While my dad sits in a detention center, I wake up every morning with an upset stomach and a nervous, worrisome feeling.As hard as it is to continue with life and responsibilities while my dad is not with us, I try every day to be the best person I can be for my son and the rest of my family. He was my dad: He worked hard (at a restaurant, from 3 p.m.Also I want to prove that my dad raised a strong, independent, responsible daughter. And under no circumstance will I let my family down. to 3 a.m.), paid taxes, paid rent, raised kids, and had a happy life here.


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