Networking Assignment

Networking Assignment-28
It makes possible a secure connection and user will be access everything from their offices.A server mainly required with a public IP address and it should be run 24/7.

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It extends a private network across the public network.

With the help of this network university can enable different computers to send and receive data across public networks.

They are required to create a general computer network through which individuals can attend virtual classes at time more suitable to meet their needs in their locations.

In order to develop a general network solution Virtual Private Network can be used (Sarkar, 2006).

The present report is based on the case study of the virtual university that needs to change their core computer network and develop their network solution.

For this purpose they require a central global office with a number of regional areas offices throughout the global to administer the various countries participation.It will help the university to directly get connected with all their students in different countries.It uses a shared network and also maintains an additional level privacy.For this purpose all the staff members and students needs to follow various computer network security policies and procedures.The entire report gives the proper description of various risk management strategies and techniques.These networks secure the overall connection and not only encrypt the data but also the originating and receiving network addresses (Hall, 2010).Virtual university can share various live material such as seminars, group discussions etc. There are various learning tools and material which can be integrated with the virtual world.All the resource sharing as well as document sharing has been done with the help of VPN link.Remote access VPN: There is a VPN connection between a remote users and a VPN gateway over the internet.In addition to this, it is also represented that how distributed and centralized computing impact this industry and all its operational considerations.In today's global environment people go through with the higher studies so that they can easily achieve their target.


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