New Years Resolution Writing Paper

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And this message will be most effective if students are exposed to a broad range of possibilities, rather than limit themselves to whatever ideas they happen to come up with on their own.

So spend some time looking at the kinds of resolutions people make.

I like to start every year with my New Year's resolutions. I'm aiming for three runs a week – I think I can do it!

Then I read them next 1 January and see how well I did! I think a fitness tracking app might help me achieve it. If anyone who's reading this wants to be my partner, let me know! Save 10 per cent of my salary a month Having no savings is starting to worry me and 10 per cent is realistic.

I say this every year but I hope writing it in public will make it more real.

It's not too much, but it's not too little that I won't see it add up.

One of the reasons some resolutions fail is because they aren’t specific or measurable.

If a person resolves to “eat healthier,” that’s hard to measure and hard to track.

You might brainstorm a list of possible resolutions on the board, then divide that list into categories.

This would essentially be an inductive learning lesson.


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