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This is the nature of the beast." Furthermore, such personal codes can and have been used to rationalize less-than-ethical behaviors.

In this regard, Beasley and Jenkins (2003) report that, "Those involved in a fraud are able to rationalize a fraudulent act as being consistent with their personal code of ethics.

Then you will have an additional moral dilemma, itself demanding resolution.

Alas, nothing will ever be easy." Moreover, because people are so vastly different from each other, one individual's personal code of ethics might be the antithesis of another person's code.

Review and Discussion Personal Code of Ethics Overview. As Nash (2002) advises, "Look to your code for information, inspiration, guidance, and support in thinking about your case-dilemmas, but not for the final word.

Of course, there will always be times when a conflict will arise between your personal code of ethics and your professional code.That way, because of our awareness of and commitment to ethics, we'll have the strength to resist temptations to do and say unethical things" (emphasis added).Likewise, others suggest that, "Developing your own personal code of ethics is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.Remember that it’s a reflection of your personality on paper.It tells of your ability to distinguish right from wrong and your opinion about various aspects of life.Everyone already has one but some people tend to use it to better effect than others.Moreover, just like the human brain, a personal code of ethics tends to grow and learn from its sometimes-painful mistakes through a refinement process that extends over an individual's lifetime.For instance, according to Wulfson, "One must try to develop well-reasoned, well-thought out answers to an ethical problem that a code of ethics can support." Clearly, then, although all personal codes of ethics are unique, it also appears they share some common features that resemble mental algorithms that are used automatically to make these determinations between ethical and unethical behavior by examining those aspects of a situation that appear to be most important to the observer. The extent to which young people are comfortable and satisfied with their personal code of ethics is likely the extent to which they are adjusting to the rigors and challenges that go hand in hand with the maturation process.According to Schoenberg (1993), "The self is organized around a balanced perspective, which in sum is more than education, training, and/or experience.There is a problem of bad faith among people according to philosophers which inspired the study of personal ethics.The reason why they want you to write that paper is because it gives them an idea of how ethical you are so that you do not turn out to an embarrassment and damage their reputation.


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