Persuasive Essay Topics 5th Grade

Is it better to be a child, a teenager, or an adult? Support your position with anecdotes from your own life as well as facts and details drawn from the lives of others.

Many schools require students to take foreign language courses. Do you think it's a good idea for students to learn a second language? In an essay, make a case why it is (or is not) important to learn a foreign language. Choose the period of life that you think is best and write an essay arguing why it is the best time of life.

Also includes worksheets of figures of speech, editing, and writing projects.

Editing and Proofreading Print editing wheels, proofreading bookmarks, and short passages for students to proofread.

You'll need a strong argument if you want to get someone to agree with your opinion when you write an essay.

Curl Essay Prize - Persuasive Essay Topics 5th Grade

The prompts below are divided into categories to make it easier to find the topic that will get you most fired up for writing.If you could have any pet, what pet would you choose? Archeologists have uncovered ancient flutes carved from bird bones and mammoth ivory, showing that music has been with us for a very long time. The Supreme Court ruled that random drug testing is constitutional for high school students involved in athletics and other extracurricular activities. Support your claim using examples from your life and the lives of other students.Additionally, any of these topics could be applied to a persuasive speech project as well. Whether you are working on a persuasive unit or preparing your students for assessment, these writing prompts can serve as a starting point for building persuasive (argument) essays. Write a letter to your parent or guardian naming the pet you would most like to have and giving reasons why you should get to have this pet. Some day, you and your classmates will be the adults in charge of running the world. Which of your classmates would make the best president of the United States? Write an essay that tells what music does for human beings and argues for its value in our lives.Your job is to decide whether or not there should be a specific age when kids are given access to a smartphone.Do they benefit learning and concentration, or are they a distraction from more important responsibilities?They are grouped by topic for easy student and teacher reference.Feel free to print the entire list of persuasive essay topics for plenty of inspiration for your next persuasive or argumentative essay assignment! Remember to take into consideration things like personal preferences and allergies. Your family doesn't have animals in the house, and you want to get a new addition in the form of a pet.Write a letter that pitches the pluses of adding a dog or a cat to the family. How will you handle the new responsibilities of taking care of your pet and picking up after them?


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