Phd Thesis On Wireless Ad - Hoc Network

Phd Thesis On Wireless Ad - Hoc Network-25
In this respect, we investigate and propose a fully distributed asynchronous polarization based DMAC protocol.In this protocol, each node senses its neighborhood on both linear polarization channels and adapts polarization to enhance throughput and scalability.A Mobile “Ad hoc” wireless NETwork (MANET) is a network established for a special, often extemporaneous service customized to applications.

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Our dissertation mainly consists of three main sections.

In the first section, we identify major challenges intrinsic to ad hoc networks that affect Qo S performance under spectrum constraint (i.e., single channel).

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For the MANET to retain its efficiency, the ad hoc protocols at various layers may need to self-tune to adjust to environment, traffic and mission changes.

From these properties emerges the vision of the MANET as an extremely flexible, malleable and yet robust and formidable network architecture.Simulation results confirm improved performance compared to existing relay based protocols.In the third section, we make use of directional antenna technology to enhance spatial reuse and thus increase network throughput and scalability in ad hoc networks.In this context, we identify various functional blocks, and show through simulations that global and local perturbations through parametric correlation can be used for performance optimization.In the second section, we propose MAC (Medium Access Control) scheduling approaches for omni-directional antenna environment to enhance throughput, delay, scalability and fairness performance under channel fading conditions.Indeed, an architecture that can be deployed to monitor the habits of birds in their natural habitat, and which, in other circumstances, can be organized to interconnect rescue crews after a Tsunami disaster, or yet can be structured to launch deadly attacks onto unsuspecting enemies. Xiang-Yang Li, Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology.Studies have shown cross layer to be very effective in enhancing Qo S performance under spectrum scarcity and other constraints.In this dissertation, our main goal is to enhance performance (e.g., throughput, delay, scalability, fairness) by developing novel cross layer techniques in single-hop single-channel general ad hoc networks.Further, in the second section, we propose two novel relay based MAC scheduling protocols (termed as 2rc MAC and Irc MAC) that make use of relays for reliable transmission with enhanced throughput and delay performance.The proposed protocols make use of spatial diversity due to relay path(s) provided they offer higher data rates compared to the direct path.


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