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On their long journey, they will encounter many difficulties and only a small portion of them will survive.Sadly, one of their newly acquired enemies is created by us who should protect them instead. Plastic bags floating in the ocean resemble jellyfish, one of the main sources of food for some species of sea turtles, especially the critically-endangered Leatherback turtles.But only a few of us realize that each time we accept those disposable plastic grocery bags at store checkout, we actively participate in wasting energy and depleting non-renewable resources.

The Pasig River in the Philippines is another scary example of the negative effects of plastic bags on the environment.

Some tributaries of the river have been filled with plastic waste to the level that you could almost walk across them without getting your feet wet.

We hear everywhere around us that we need to save energy.

It is good for our environment, health and global climate.

Plastic bag litter has even caused great problems in some areas.

For example, millions of discarded plastic bags clog water drainage channels and sewers in urban areas of Bangladesh.Unfortunately, such a high level of pollution doesn’t come without consequences.The Pasig River is the eight worst source of ocean plastic pollution in the world.These examples could go on for a long time…Plastic bags are often mistaken for food by animals, birds, and marine life.The consumed plastic congests the digestive tracts of these animals, and can lead to health issues such as infections, painful intestinal blockage, starvation or death by suffocation.If the answer is yes, you should know that this inadvertent overconsumption of single-use plastic carries with it a very high cost to the environment, which in turn also negatively affects our health. Well, let’s have a look at the most important reasons why single-use plastic bags should be banned right now. Look around and you will notice that plastic bags are the most common litter.Tangled in trees and fences along roads, floating in water, lying on the ground in parks and forests, surrounding garbage bins, washed off on beaches…Because they are so lightweight, plastic bags get easily picked up by wind and travel long distances by wind and water to pollute the nature.In fact, it is estimated that up to 10 million plastic bags are used every minute around the world What about you?Do you also have that overflowing kitchen drawer full of plastic bags you bring from your shopping trips?Oil and natural gas are non-renewable fossil fuel-based resources and through their extraction and production, they emit greenhouse gases, which contribute to global climate change. Petroleum-based plastic bags are composed of very resistant synthetic polymers that may take up to 1,000 years or never until they completely degrade in natural environments What does occur in most instances is that when out in the environment, the plastic breaks up into tiny microscopic pieces that get deposited in soils (where we grow food) or contaminate waterways.Using these non-renewable resources to make plastic bags is very short-sighted, considering that the typical useful life of each plastic bag is about 12 minutes and that the world’s oil reserves contain enough oil to cover our needs through 2050, as the U. These pieces can be so small that they are invisible to our eye. Even when you don’t see it, these indestructible particles are everywhere around us, including in the food chain.


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