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Position In The World Essay-54
The advent of online universities has now made it possible for everyone to learn English.Everyone gets access to the features of internet even across the countries.

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Though many countries do have English as their native language, those who have the command over the English Language are considered and respected as highly educated.

Moreover they ocean of career opportunities are opened to those English speaking people anywhere and everywhere.

It opens our minds and guides us into a magical world of fancies and dreams.

To certain the proper learning of language helps us to develop ourselves, our minds, and also our personality.

Human language is unique because it is a symbolic communication system that is learned instead of biologically inherited for some people.

Functions of Language: The three important functions of a language are as follows: The primary function of a language is to communicate any information.It has been an international language of communication, business, science, information technology, entertainment and so on.Earlier everyone is considered to be literate by their degrees and diplomas, but the knowledge of English language makes an individual literate in today’s world.The secondary function of a language is to convey the feelings or emotions or attitudes of somebody.We have poetry and other forms of literature in order to express our inner feelings in a better way.There is an urgent requirement of such a common language which can be understood by youth all over India and the language in which all data and information is available.Moreover English language becomes a store house of social and political knowledge.We cannot be effective in the internet world without the English Language.It has also become the official language of the internet.They evoke our feelings and also express our feelings.This function of language directs us to do some action.


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