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Furthermore, photosynthesis reaches a peak after anthesis and over 70% of wheat yield is derived from photosynthesis during the period of grain growth [20,21].

Many researchers have reported that photosynthesis after anthesis is crucial determinant of yield in other crops, such as rice [22], maize [23], and soybean [24].

Fayez and Hassanein [30] reported that higher leaf chlorophyll contents and delayed leaf senescence could improve photosynthetic capacity.

Wheat varieties with high yield potentials can be obtained by selecting for delayed leaf senescence [31].

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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.Photosynthesis is the basis for yield formation in crops. [11] reported that grain yields are positively associated with photosynthetic capacity.Photosynthesis is the main driving force influencing dry matter partitioning and organ formation, and it is the basis of plant production [12,13].Thus, interest in its consumption to benefit health is growing.At the same time, farmers are eager to increase the yields of the crop to meet the increasing market demand and improve their overall returns.Tartary buckwheat has four main functional leaves during grain filling, and these leaves account for a large proportion of photosynthesis during this period [20].The photosynthetic capacity of the functional leaves is a key factor determining Tartary buckwheat yield, especially under adverse conditions, such as drought or nutrient deficiency [21,29].Previous studies have indicated that higher-yielding crops tended to show higher leaf photosynthetic efficiency, and the photosynthetic parameters [net photosynthetic rates (P)] reflected crop photosynthetic efficiency and could be used to evaluate the performance of different cultivars [14,15,16,17].Photosynthetic efficiency differs at different crop growth stages, and differences in the proportion that photosynthesis contributes to yield could be found at different growth stages [18,19].The contribution to photosynthesis of different leaves in the same plant can differ, and there is a difference among different crops in the contribution by functional leaves [25,26].The functional leaves play a key role in photosynthesis, dry matter production and yield formation. [27] found that flag leaves of high-yielding rice have high chlorophyll content at the reproductive stage, which is the critical for yield formation [28].


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