Problem Solving With Quadratics

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Your company is going to make frames as part of a new product they are launching.

The frame will be cut out of a piece of steel, and to keep the weight down, the final area should be 28 cm when: x is about −9.3 or 0.8 The negative value of x make no sense, so the answer is: x = 0.8 cm (approx.) There are two speeds to think about: the speed the boat makes in the water, and the speed relative to the land: We can turn those speeds into times using: time = distance / speed (to travel 8 km at 4 km/h takes 8/4 = 2 hours, right?

There are many types of problems that can easily be solved using your knowledge of quadratic equations.

You may come across problems that deal with money and predicted incomes (financial) or problems that deal with physics such as projectiles.

Their difference is 2, so I can write Their product is 224, so From , I get . The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 4 times the smallest side. By Pythagoras, The hypotenuse is 4 times the smallest side, so Plug into and solve for s: Since doesn't make sense, the solution is .

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Since the speed can't be negative, the answer is 30 miles per hour. Let s be the smallest side and let h be the hypotenuse. Now you have to figure out what the problem even means before trying to solve it.I completely understand and here's where I am going to try to help!C(x) has a minimum value of 120 thousands for x = 2000 and the fixed cost is equal to 200 thousands. Due to the nature of the mathematics on this site it is best views in landscape mode. The length is 3 more than twice the width, so The area is 560, so Plug in and solve for W: Use the Quadratic Formula: Since the width can't be negative, I get . Calvin and Bonzo can eat 1260 hamburgers in 12 hours. If Calvin and Bonzo eat together, they can eat 480 hot dogs in 6 hours. Plug these into the first equation and solve for t: The solutions are and . Calvin rides his power boat up and down a drainage ditch.When you throw a ball (or shoot an arrow, fire a missile or throw a stone) it goes up into the air, slowing as it travels, then comes down again faster and faster ... and a Quadratic Equation tells you its position at all times! There are many ways to solve it, here we will factor it using the "Find two numbers that multiply to give a×c, and add to give b" method in Factoring Quadratics: a×c = A very profitable venture.If there are no solutions - the graph being above the x-axis - instead of solutions, the word, Maths is challenging; so is finding the right book.K A Stroud, in this book, cleverly managed to make all the major topics crystal clear with plenty of examples; popularity of the book speak for itself - 7 This is the best book available for the new GCSE(9-1) specification and i GCSE: there are plenty of worked examples; a really good collection of problems for practising; every single topic is adequately covered; the topics are organized in a logical order.However, these problems lead to quadratic equations. You can solve them by factoring or by using the Quadratic Formula.


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