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Roshaun, Accounting: The key thing I learned about writing process from taking a college writing class is that you have to actually follow the writing process if you want to get a good grade on your writing because it actually helps to follow the structure.

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Topics used for these essays can range from the simple, 'how to can strawberries' to complex ones involving explanations of scientific procedures.

Most the topics used for writing process essays are related to academics.

What is the most important tip you would give students about having a good writing process?

What were some of the key things you learned about writing process from taking a college course?

I don’t always take the advice, but their perspective is pretty helpful.

Cristaliz, Pre-Pharmacy: The most important tip would be that revision is very important.

The style of writing should be such that it holds the reader's attention.

Let us find more on topics for writing process essays and tips on how to write such essays.

Matt, Physical Therapy: Some of the key things I learned in terms of good revision are to take advice from others.

After I write a paper, I let multiple people read it, so I can get their input on how I can improve it.


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    Top marks would go to an original thesis, which showed thorough research and good writing. If you have a tired old thesis, no matter how well you write the essay, your grades will be limited. Usually you are given the topic for your research essay by a teacher, but if not you need to choose the essay topic that you are familiar with.…

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    Topics for Process Essays A methodical approach is needed to write a process essay. Such type of essays rely more on factual and objective information rather than the subjective part of writing; however, writing which is meant for process essays should not be plain or dry.…

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    Essay Writing. A college essay goes by many names paper, research paper, essay, theme. Most of these names refer to a piece of writing in which you offer your own idea about a topic. This concept is really important. The purpose of most college essay writing assignments is not for you to find and directly report the information you find.…

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    A good way to begin the research essay is through recording information on note cards so these can be used in the writing process. Write down who wrote the article, the title of the article, the name of the journal or website, and the date.…

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