Proud To Be A Canadian Essay

Multiculturalism is defines as “the policy of maintaining a diversity of ethnic cultures within a community” ().

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We have met people that couldn’t point Canada out on a map.

And some of our dear friends from around the globe repeatedly pronounce it And then I found peace with it and shelved my Canuck ego. Or at least, better than the dark alternative of being hated because we’ve made the international news for something undesirable.

In contrast to other countries, multiculturalism adaptation works for the Canadian culture.

Canadian policies on multiculturalism have shifted over the past few decades; policies are now implemented for integration, not discrimination.

Canada has come a long way since these times of immorality.

Following the Second World War, immigration is still selective, but is a major improvement in comparison to historical times.Firstly, while Harper is no gem, the ideals of his Conservative party are more closely aligned with America’s Democrats than the Republicans.Secondly, we have a Prime Minister, not a President.It can be like flashing a gold card at an expensive night club, sometimes you just get treated better for it.Like C, some people don’t know a lot about us aside from a few popular celebrities.And so, beyond a few well known celebrities, we ourselves as tourists are often the biggest exposure others may have to our home country. ” And I have to tell you, that was not the first time we heard that, and certainly not the last. We are pre-judged as awesome before people have barely spoken a word to us.Thankfully, those that have gone before us served our nation well. Although we do get teased for being too nice, too laid-back, and for apologizing too often.Once, while checking into a hostel in southern Chile, we overheard some Aussies talking with Brits about who they’ve met on the road. (And we’re real sorry about that.) Both Pete and I wear a Canadian flag on our backpacks, proudly.Some people do it in order to be automatically distinguished from our southern neighbours, but we do it for the instant rock-star status it brings.It’s a natural assumption, given our similar accents and the chances of meeting a Canadian versus an American (the USA has ten times more people, of course more of them will be on the road).We politely correct them, but sometimes our reference to the almost 9,000km border doesn’t even matter.


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