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The professional training begins with personal exploration, gaining self-knowledge and building insight into psychospiritual development.This personal exploration provides the foundation to work with others supporting them with their healing and growth. Each training centre will have its own approach to the professional training depending on their country’s professional bodies and regulations.In Italy, SIPT (Societa Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica) has been officially accredited by the Italian Government since 1994 and the Scuola di Psicoterapia Psicosintetica has the status of a school having official university status.

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As I said at the Conference in Rome, the external pattern should not be that of a “solar system”, but that of a “constellation”.

In particular, no one Center can claim to be more “international” than the others.

Psychosynthesis is not a doctrine or a “school” of psychology; it is not a special or single method of self-realization, therapy and education.

It can be indicated (I do not use the word “defined”, because all definitions are limited and limiting) primarily as a general attitude of, and striving towards, integration and Synthesissynthesis in all fields, but particularly in those just mentioned.

Trainings can be accredited by professional bodies such as UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) or FF2P (Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse).

Some training centres have partnerships with universities to offer an academic award.

As most of you know, some questions were raised at the Fifth International Conference of Psychosynthesis, held in Rome in September 1967, concerning the relationships between the various Center of Psychosynthesis which exist, or are to be founded, in various countries and parts of the world (I am using, for simplicity’s sake, the word Centers to designate all Foundations, Institutes and Centers).

I have been asked by some of you to issue a definite statement on this matter, and I am willingly complying with this request, as it gives me an opportunity, not only of dispelling some misunderstandings, but also of emphasising once more the true nature and “spirit” of Psychosynthesis.

Freud and others spoke of the unconscious, a part of our minds that is normally inaccessible but which produces real effects on feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, while working with the methods of psychoanalysis developed by Freud made the discovery that not all distress could be explained by the past.


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