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You can for example use the proposal you have written for a funding agency, or you use your own format. All new research proposals and grant applications should be submitted to the Science Committee before the start of the project.

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Please include a letter of the head of the department in which he/she states that the department is informed about the study proposed. Does your proposal concern a full research proposal?

The Science Committee only assesses full proposals. When your answer is ‘yes’ to all questions, please submit your proposal with the attached form providing additional information.

A short review is performed by only one member of the Science committee.

In case of doubt, the proposal will be discussed during the Science committee meeting. Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds - before; Astmafonds) i. Netherlands Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting) These are the major grant providers.

In these cases an appendix should be included with additional information.

Proposals that cannot be assessed because of missing information will be given a negative review.All master’s () or doctoral students must have completed and received approval for a proposal within their first year of registration.Only in exceptional cases will a student who has not submitted their proposal to the Faculty and, via the Faculty, to the Doctoral Degrees Board (DDB) within their first year of registration, be considered for re-registration and progress into the second year of study.: As of January 2nd, the 'old' Science Committee of APH-VU/VUmc (EMGO ) will not accept any new proposals.Already submitted proposals will be assessed and properly settled according to the former EMGO procedures.Once departmental processes have been followed and a proposal (master’s or doctoral) has been approved at departmental and ethical levels the proposal is then approved at faculty board level (via a Dean’s circular).In the case of a Ph D proposal the Doctoral Degrees Board (DDB) is informed of the Faculty approval, before ultimately being approved by the Doctoral Degrees Board via a DDB Chair’s Circular.Items that are reviewed are the work plan, the budget, the personnel, the scientific output and the analysis plan. b) methodological quality and feasibility One (in case of a short review) or two (in case of a thorough review) referees will be appointed to assess the methodological quality and feasibility of a research proposal: one member of the Science Committee and one APH senior researcher of VU/VUmc.Only after a positive review by the Science Committee a new Ph D student can be appointed on a project. If the specific content of a project requires a review by a referee from outside APH, the Science Committee (in consultation with the Directorate) will consult an external expert.When the second review is negative, there is no third chance for a re-review.In case of a second negative review, the research project will not be embedded within the APH 5. Please make sure that all attachments belonging to your proposal (proposal text, budget information, time planning etcetera) are merged into 1 pdf file.


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