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Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion Introduction An epilogue occurs as either a speech or section in a novel or play that occurs at the endand serves to explain the conclusion of the plot.

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The explanation is important since it serves to resolve the conflict in the play, which ends with an immense suspense.

He explains that Eliza understood that Higgins did not like him a feature that informed her decision.

However, the author of the successful play acknowledges that he may not continue the play and therefore provides a detailed commentary in which he resolves all the conflicts and justifies the personality traits and decisions of most of his characters. In his reply Shaw stated that , I do love children very much but I don’t cut their heads and keep them in my drawing room. This shows the fact that he is extra – ordinary and indeed he loved......?

This way, the epilogue does not form part of the play but enhances the comprehension of the conflict. Pygmalion – Analysis Assignment A – Analysis of Character Traits Higgins Introduction In the play Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw has created memorable characters.

In retrospect, ending the play in an epilogue is an important feature that Shaw realized as he ended the play. The first time when I got appealed by him was when I read a quote which really touched by heart and thinking level.

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Ending the play in a suspense is a strategic feature that portrays Shaw’s artistic genius. Shaw was asked by one person the reason for not decorating his house with cut flowers.Because he lived so long (into his nineties), his legacy spread throughout a number of different endeavors, but there is a recurring theme throughout all his work.This theme is the fact that each social class serves its own ends, and that the upper class had essentially won over the lower class.In the section, the author adopts a commentary approach as he explains the vital occurrences in the conclusion of the play.Such is a strategic conclusion to the play given the fact that it ends in a suspense.The writer tries to explain these concepts using yoga.Yoga is derived from the word yoke; it is an exercise designed to lead to integration or union. Unlike the west, Indians use yoga to gain control of the body functioning.The essay will also portray if these traits change or develop over the course of the story.Character traits can be identified in thinking, speaking, and actions of a person. Task Sequel to Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw Introduction Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is a play considered as a romantic humor.It was this theme that dominated some of his most well-known plays such as Major Barbara and......due: World’s religions The article on world’s religions talks about ways which the religious people seek ways of transforming their lives to walk in the light.


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