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One will transport you up to the correct level, where you'll find Cephalon Simaris behind a door located in the same place as that which you were directed to a level below. You may also fast travel to him, by pressing escape, fast travel, and Cephalon Simaris.

Note: Players must undertake the Synthesis tutorial from Cephalon Simaris first in order for the dialog prompt to appear.

Simaris will thank the player, telling them that their scans have uncovered something that his sentinels missed, then reveal that the biological signature is Tenno in nature.

Interested in what the biological signature is, Simaris will give the player a blueprint for a Scorched Beacon, and asks them to construct it.

Players must scan 4 nodes on the Elite Arid Lancer, accomplished by equipping their Synthesis Scanner from the Gear menu, aiming at the target node and holding down the fire key (default ) until the node is scanned. The Arid Lancer target will then disintegrate once all 4 of their nodes have been scanned, indicating a successful synthesis.

Scanning a node may cause the target to act unpredictably however, the player can prevent them from becoming alert by using stealth abilities like Rift Walk.Stolen Dreams must be completed before The New Strange can be started.The first mission of the quest takes players to a Grineer Shipyard Prison Complex on Nuovo, Ceres, where Cephalon Simaris tasks the Tenno with a Rescue mission to free his Sentinels from captivity, who were taken after investigating the Grineer Prison.Players should proceed with the normal steps and path of the Sabotage mission.At some point moving across the map from one phase of the mission to the other Simaris will give notification the target is in range and the target's gold hexagon icon will then appear on the mini map.After scanning the Synthesis target, the player must complete the main objective of the mission for the Synthesis to count towards their quest objective.Upon scanning all three Synthesis targets, players must return to Simaris on the designated Relay, and engage him with the prompt informing him that all three targets have been synthesized.", Simaris tells the Tenno that knowledge must be earned, and then asks them to perform another quest for his Sanctuary in exchange for revealing what the biological signature means.Note: If you are having trouble finding the Cephalon Simaris room and keep being directed by the game to the wrong room, you need to look for the two blue lifts which will be behind you as you look into the room the game marks.The target can also be tracked by following floating blue lights that can only be seen through the Synthesis Scanner, which indicate that the target is nearby.Simaris will also notify the player when the target is in range.


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