Real Estate Investment Group Business Plan

Real estate investment clubs are clubs formed by individuals who want to invest specifically in real estate.

Individuals have long known that it is possible to make money by investing in real estate, but very few, proportionately speaking, have the capital available to be able to do any investing.

READ MORE Our mission is to create value for, and develop long-lasting relationships with our clients through prudent underwriting, creative thinking, attention to detail and execution of a specifically created business plan for each property.

READ MORE Our strategy is simple and straightforward leveraging our team’s local expertise in real estate investment, targeting underdeveloped properties and maintaining focused management throughout the entire process.

Local expertise, coupled with our institutional approach to executing and managing our investments, create a solid foundation for serving the needs of our investors, which include some of the largest institutional investors in the world.

In addition to diversified value-add funds we also offer our clients targeted investment strategies, such as income-focused hotel and residential investments, where our local expertise can be utilised to enhance long-term returns.The implementation of the business plan materialised faster than initially projected, enabling us to achieve an early exit with excellent returns for our investors.” – Torsten Bjerregaard, Managing Partner at Cap Man Real Estate Denmark.Through the magic of editing the article ended up carrying only a small portion of our answers ... here's the unedited answers to the original questions in all their glory ;) The nice image in the corner is by so naturally you need a real estate investment business plan.Environmental performance targets and detailed energy efficiency assessments are included for each property investment.Subsequently, environmental considerations form part of the daily management of assets in our real estate funds, and in their refurbishment and enhancement plans.We execute both value-add and income-focused investment strategies across all major property sectors in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.With our value-add funds, we seek to acquire transitional properties in the most liquid Nordic markets where an asset can be enhanced by active asset management such as redevelopment, change of use, or repositioning.With a solid, established track record, each member of our Major Investment Group team adheres to strict, proven criteria when selecting properties for investment.This allows for a margin of safety to be built into the financial model to limit downside risk.These organizations deal with properties around the country.Many women are able to get involved in real estate investing by joining Investment Clubs - not necessarily ones which only feature female members.


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