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Every episode the presenter with 0 tells how to save money and at the same time to have fun, and the rich one hides 0 somewhere in the city, which is visited, at the bottle for our tourists. In my opinion, reality shows are good to learn from other people's experiences and to expand our knowledge.Reality shows that released in my country aren't so popular. There was a talents show but it was canceled and replaced by a singing contest. I watch "X Factor" on Youtube because TV company doesn't broadcast reality TV show. Firstly I think X Factor make drama that people excited develop new talent . In addition reality TV program teach us effort is best way to get success and it need everything . Another disadvantage is that , performer is always attend TV but some performer is not fun . However, I don't like reality shows because some of them are foolish and they don't give you nice example. According to the rules of program one of them has to live two days with only 100$, while the second has unlimited amount of money, which located on the golden card.

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Reality tv shows gives a wide variety of choices for people to watch and gain knowledge .

Me myself i do also enjoy watching realiy programme such as American next top model because i do admit that i love fashion .

My question is: can I use expressions like «I think» or «In my opinion» or «From my point of view» in the begginning of the second paragraph (just like this text) in an argumentative text? This type of essay is sometimes called 'For and against' or 'Pros and cons'.

I thought I just could use expressions like that on opinion text. It's a good idea to give both sides of the argument BEFORE you give your opinion at the end, so it's better to avoid expressions like 'In my opinion' or 'From my point of view' until the last paragraph.

The model text on this page should help you with this type of writing. Best wishes, Joanna (Learn English Teens team) I love reality TV shows bcoz it can make u happy .

There're different kinds of reality shows such as singing,dancing,cooking competitions,talent shows,travelling pragrams,living in the jungle,family shows. But foreign country reality TV shows are more popular than my country's .

The popularity of such programmes is located in the shifting economics of broadcasting, which involves increasing competition and a move from the search for a mass audience to a niche audience.

Television began as a technology that could only sustain a small number of channels.

There are, however, much wider issues about the nature of cultural experience in contemporary capitalism that are involved in this kind of broadcasting.

The various manifestations of are one version of the broader category of ‘reality TV’ that has a central place in contemporary television.


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