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Both of these qualities are desirable, hence authoritative parenting--which is both responsive and demanding--is considered the optimal style. Authoritarian parenting is demanding but not responsive.Permissive parenting is responsive but not demanding.

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Maybe the wording of this statement makes her think of her mother-in-law's strict rules about using the right fork, putting away all toys immediately after using them, and never going outside without shoes on?

Our parent doesn't happen to think any of those things are important, so she judges herself to be less strict.

So how do psychologists distinguish one parenting style from another?

It started in the 1960s with psychologist Diane Baumrind.

Here you will find information about the four basic parenting styles: Parents influence their children through specific practices, like encouraging them to play outdoors, or helping them with their homework.

But parenting is more than a set of specific practices.While researchers have had success applying the categories to other cultural groups, we can't assume they will fit everywhere.Second, even when the categories fit the culture, there is going to be blurring at the edges.Maybe that's because people were equating "control" with blind obedience, harsh punishments, and domineering, manipulative behavior (Baumrind 1966).To avoid perils of authoritarianism, many parents tried the opposite approach.But unlike permissive parents, uninvolved parents are not nurturing and warm.They provided kids with food and shelter, but not much else.For example, a parent reading this statement might search her mind and immediately think in terms of aggressive, anti-social behavior.She knows that her child understands that aggression won't be tolerated, so she ticks the box in the questionnaire that says "I strongly agree."But what if that same parent searches her mind and comes up with a different set of images?And uninvolved parenting is neither demanding nor responsive. This scheme is very useful, but like any attempt to categorize human behavior, it has its limitations. Baumrind developed her system for understanding parents in the United States.Moreover, her subjects were mostly white and middle class.


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