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In practice, however, this assumption turned out to be false.An advanced database system requires changes among others as the result of: (1) the evolution of data sources, (2) changes of the real world represented in an integration system, (3) the evolution of domain ontologies and knowledge bases (such as DBpedia, Free Base, Linked Open Data Cloud, Yago, etc.) usually involved in the construction of these databases, (4) new user requirements, and (5) creating simulation scenarios (what-if analysis).

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10 Terabyte of data are generated by planes every 30 minutes), (ii) the massive use of social networks (e.g., 340 million tweets per day), (iii) transactions (Walmart handles more than 1 million customer transactions every hour, which is imported into databases estimated to contain more than 2.5 Peta-bytes of data).

The second V is associated to the Variety, where data may come from various data sources, in different formats such as transactions, log data, social network, sensors, etc.

As a consequence, the reduction of energy has become a new non-functional requirement integrated in the processes of design and the exploitation of database and information systems (Roukh et al. The Claremont report on database research states the importance of designing power-aware DBMSs that limit energy costs without sacrificing scalability.

This is also echoed in the more recent Beckman report on databases, which considers the energy constrained processing as a challenging issue in Big Data (Abadi et al. This is because Cloud computing providers offer numerous on-line services based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) between them and their customers.

The first V concerns the Volume of data generated by traditional and new providers.

To illustrate the data deluge, let consider three examples of data providers: (i) the massive use of sensors (e.g.The authors distinguished eight classes of programming models: (1) Mapreduce (e.g. Nowadays, it is possible to equip servers with several terabytes of main memory, which allows us to keep databases in main memory to avoid the IO bottleneck (Arnold et al. In the rest of this article, we first discuss some specific research challenges around the databases.We also present, in Section The database and information systems technologies raise a good number of research challenges and in this section, we will discuss some of the most important ones, which are related to ADBIS conference, which represents the origin of this special section.The material published in IJIIDS is appropriate for the following readers: computer science researchers, IT engineers, policy makers, computer science students, managers in IT, business and commerce, and all people whose work is related to information and database systems.IJIIDS publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports and book reviews.The emphasis of the reported work is on new and original research and technological developments rather than reports on the application of existing technology to different sets of data.IJIIDS strives to cover all aspects of working out new intelligent technologies for information processing, creating databases and processing data.Papers also highlight advances in uses of intelligent information systems and intelligent database systems for solving tasks in management, industry, engineering, administration and education, and evaluations of existing intelligent systems and tools, emphasising comparative studies and user experiences.Papers on key applications, highlighting methods, time schedules and other relevant materials, are welcome.The ADBIS conference is one of concrete examples of these efforts.The ADBIS conference has been widely accepted as a key technology for enterprises and organizations to improve their abilities in data modeling, data management, data exploitation and information systems.


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