Sample Business Plan For A Non Profit Organization

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This is the most important part of your business plan.

Here you must summarize, on one page, every critical aspect of your nonprofit.

This summary will determine if someone, be it an investor or potential staff member, will continue reading.

The Executive Summary is where you sell your organization and its ideas. You should be able to answer all these questions in your executive summary.This section is a prime space for charts, graphs, and other visual material.Once you have provided all the basics, talk about what you plan to do if there is a surplus from any activity. This is the place to put any miscellaneous supporting documents like financial statements, endorsements or agreements.They may be as short as seven pages long, one for each of these essential sections, or up to 30 pages long as your organization grows and becomes more complicated. This is the easiest part but should not be overlooked. You should make sure your nonprofit’s name about is 2-3 inches from the top of the page.Below it, you need to have the following details: You can draft this up first, but it should be the last thing you work on.Your marketing section should include examples of past campaigns and their effectiveness, if possible, and as space allows.Here you need to list where your finances stand today as well as a 3-to-5 year projection.This section should be able to answer the following questions: This is where you introduce the key players in your organization. You can go on to talk about their role in your nonprofit, too.Then, if you have space, you can discuss any gaps you may have and your plans to fill them.Now you can add any of the additional sections below.Though not necessary, they may be useful to attempt if you’re still trying to nail down all aspects of your organization.


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