Satire Essay On Immigrants

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In other words, just the kind of people we used to be — when “we” had just come off the boat. K., so I’m jesting about deporting “real Americans” en masse. ) But then the threat of mass deportations has been no joke with this administration.

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I, in turn, will wait to inherit your money because like you have said numerous times, money is the best thing about you. I do my best everyday to waste as much food and water as I can. But unlike you, I could date her and it would be legal.

Do not worry sir, like I’ve mentioned above, I am not black, therefore I will be completely capable of counting your money. I try to drive my car around for no reason when time allows because pollution is the key to poking at China’s ridiculous “global warming” theory. I think of no better man more perfectly suited for your daughter than myself. I imagine that if I were to be the producer of all the women would flirt with me as well.

Bottom line: So-called real Americans are screwing up America.

Maybe they should leave, so that we can replace them with new and better ones: newcomers who are more appreciative of what the United States has to offer, more ambitious for themselves and their children, and more willing to sacrifice for the future.

To begin with, I am a white male, which indicates that I am drug free, I have a clean record, and I am not a rapist that Mexico has sent over to our great country. Additionally, I am a working-class American who not only supports capitalism, but who also thinks that money is the best thing you can find in a person.

Money is the key to being successful in the modern world. Trump, I love your money more, and I believe that a brilliant man like yourself will know how to use that money to save our country from its previous leaders.

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