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A probe sphere with radius of 1.4 Å, representing a water molecule, was used to determine the protein molecular surface.An internal protein dielectric coefficient of 2 and solvent dielectric coefficient of 78.54 were used.

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Stigma/style cysteine-rich adhesin (SCA), a lily LTP, is secreted from both pollen and the pistil transmitting tract epidermis (TTE), where pollen tubes grow and are guided to the ovules (Lord, 2000).

SCA and pectins are involved in pollen tube adhesion-mediated guidance (Park , 2000).

Homology modelling-based electrostatic similarity index (ESI) clustering was used to show diversity in spatial distributions of electrostatic potentials of SCA-like LTPs, suggestive of their various roles in interaction in the extracellular matrix space.

β-Glucuronidase (GUS) analysis showed that , 1998; Hamilton, 2004).

GUS-stained tissues were decolourized with 70% Et OH three times in a 12 h incubation at 37 °C. Plants were grown and wild-type plants grew ∼2 cm tall and 3–4 cm tall per day, respectively. 3G) and supernumerary branches at a single node (Fig. Each type of tissue fusion occurred randomly in Phylogenetic relationships of plant LTP and LTP-like proteins.

Developed GUS signals were examined under a Leica dissecting microscope. (B) Two leaves (arrowheads) congenitally fused onto a single petiole. (D) Two inflorescences (arrows) fused into a single primary axis. (F) Two primary stems (arrows) emerging at the bolting stage. The difference in stature at day 5 (∼10 cm) was maintained until day 12 at plant maturity (stage 6.5, 50% flowers opened) (Boyes =50) showed abnormal organ fusions such as two leaves congenitally fused onto a single petiole (Fig. Some showed two primary stems separately emerging from the shoot apical meristem at the bolting stage (Fig. This tree represents a strict consensus tree of 232 equally most parsimonious trees based on maximum parsimony analysis.

SCAs can bind the pectin matrix until 50 m M Na Cl is added (Fig. The low p H can facilitate activity of an ECM protein such as expansin (Cosgrove, 2005).

In a previous study of SCA proteins (Chae , 2007), the calculated titration curves of SCAs showed plateau regions of about the same net charge in the p H range of 4 to ∼7.

By studying the mechanism of action of this adhesion event, it was learned that positive SCA binds negative pectin moieties to form an adhesive matrix between pollen tube walls and surfaces of the TTE (Mollet , 2003).

SCA may have diverse binding partners for cell–cell communications between growing pollen tubes and the pistil TTE.


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