Scarlet Letter Essay Hypocrisy

June 20 July 2, 1999 One objective of the study of literature is to provide students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the experiences of others and to make intelligent decisions concerning the positive values and attitudes they can adopt and the negative ones they should avoid.Accordingly, the teacher should use every opportunity to emphasize moral and ethical values in stories, poems, novels and other kinds of literary works.

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But when she lies about losing her virginity to sate her best friend's desire for gossip, the story spreads like wildfire.

Pretty soon, Olive is notorious for all the wrong reasons, and her little white lie expands into a vast web of rumours.

Because the Christian teacher acknowledges the Bible as the guidebook for behavior, she will want to present and discuss moral values against that background.

The purpose of this essay is to examine the ethical and moral issues involving the major characters in The Scarlet Letter and to consider the effect of their actions on themselves and on their relationship with others.

Equally interesting is the fact that Olive decides to lie in the first place, thinking that sexual experience will make her more popular and likeable.

Her lie exposes an extra layer of complexity in the double standards working against young women: they are constantly sexualized and encouraged to base a sense of self-value on their attractiveness and sex appeal.

A woman [Hester Prynne] has been taken in adultery, . She was beautiful and young, and had been married to an old husband who had wandered away from her for a time.

Then she has sinned, and the partner of her sin, though not of her punishment, is [Arthur Dimmesdale] the young minister of the church to which she is attached.

She didn't even have sex, and — unlike Hester — she is not a married woman, so if she were to engage in sexual activity, this would not be an "affair" or the sin of adultery (although strict religious interpretation in Hester's time would have equally condemned sexual activity by any unmarried woman as such).

Still, in the eyes of Olive's peers, enjoying sex as a young woman is just as much a cause for judgment as cheating on a spouse.


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