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But to the functioning of the human body at all, let alone perfectly, absorption of liquid is essential.

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Having gone off the rails of sound philosophy because the social forces around them shepherded them into the wrong way, the pioneers of modern physical science [for the most part] started under these misconceptions and read them into all they did, handing on the tradition to their followers.

Bad reasoning and a bad application of what they found were not the product of what they found.

The modern scientific spirit as applied to daily practice, to life, and to letters, and, above all, to religion, is the enemy of truth. The Modern Scientific Spirit being the enemy of truth, is the enemy of right living and of human happiness, and if it is not tackled, humbled and set right, will lead us to misery.

The Modern Scientific Spirit may be defined as the practice of Science under a false philosophy; that is, the research and establishment of ascertainable facts in the physical world but the application of those facts in an irrational and perverted mood.

Men kept from drinking, as shipwrecked sailors are, die mad in a short time.

To those who would object to the phrase the reply would come at once: "You know well enough what I mean; the drinking of stimulants is the enemy of health." But to this reply, in turn, will come the answer: "Not so; we have all known masses of people who drank wine and beer regularly, and were perfectly healthy."For this let us write, "The Modern Scientific Spirit is the enemy of Truth," and we shall have it pat.And if this is true of the chief error, it is true of the accompanying minor errors.Deism [or Pantheism], Rationalism, stand to the development of the modern scientific mood not as children, but as parents.It was a perverted mood into which men tended to fall from the earliest recorded times; and during the break-up of our Christian culture four hundred years ago Calvin was the powerful prophet of it long before anything that can seriously be called "modern" physical experiment began.Spinoza, in another way, was also a prophet of it, long before modern physical research had taken on its later characteristic extension.On seeing a passage beginning, "Science has proved . The high priests of science yesterday loudly affirmed as eternal truth what today they have to be silent upon because it has been proved false.Yet the new supplanting doctrine is as loudly affirmed today as was the discredited one yesterday Under the influence of such experiences, although few men will as yet pronounce the words, "Science is the enemy of Truth," yet more and more men practically agree with that statement in their emotions.The Process is now reaching its climax in an effort to persuade men against the belief in a beneficent conscious omnipotent Creator, the moral sense and the freedom of the will.The definition of science is: "A body of facts ascertained to be true by proof such that we cannot admit their opposite." Thus the fact that water boils when we subject it to heat is a piece of science. On hearing of some method that it is "Scientific" they are at once prepared to find it leading to ridiculous conclusions. Habits of eating, clothing and everything else suggested in the name of "Science" they constantly discover to be inhuman, degrading or simply silly.Mankind has been at Science since men have been men, and within their limited range the animals are practicing science all day long.A bird which gives up at last the attempt to fly through a glass window has arrived through experiment and conclusion at the fact that the glass is not penetrable by him and ceases to entertain the idea of the opposite.


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