Sewing Machine Problem Solving

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Clean those areas more often when using the sewing machine regularly. If the machine won't pick up the bobbin thread because the shuttle hook isn't synched with the needle, adjust the needle timing.Adjustment of the needle timing usually requires service by a technician.Clean lint and debris out of the shuttle race; they can prevent the needle from hooking the thread, resulting in thread bunching up in the shuttle race and jamming the needle.

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Remember, we always advise that you start by the re-threading your machine whenever you have a problem with the thread or stitches.

Using special tools, the technician positions the needle and loosens the shuttle drive gear set screws then adjusts the shuttle drive gear to synchronize the shuttle hook with the needle.

But we will try to cover all of the most common problems and we will list easy solutions so you can quickly move on with your project.

Clean lint and debris from the shuttle race every 3 months because it often attracts lint and dust.

Clean the feed dogs at the same time because they also attract lint and dust.


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