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Retrieved from expressions to wealth and power illustrates to the modern audience that capitalism pins life with a price tag. She would make an excellent leader because of three important aspects of her character, which will be discussed in this essay.However, it is remarkable how Shakespeare manages to juggle with all these Marxist themes and still maintain the entertaining and artistic integrity of the play. One, is her sense of loyalty and duty, she was totally to be trusted as someone who would not go back on her word.

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” We find a contrast amongst the two suitors with the colour of their skin.

The Prince of Morocco was dark and the Prince of Arragon was fair. “The Merchant of Venice” was offered to Shakespeare’s audience as a comedy “The Merchant of Venice” is a story of love and hate, power, control and inequality.

It evolves around Shylock, a rich Jew moneylender who lives in Venice and Venetian Christians, which have constantly abused and humiliated Shylock.

The moneylender tricks Antonio, one of his abusers, to sign a bond that will entitle him to one…

This paper looks at Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and discusses the question ‘is Shylock a sympathetic character, or an anti-Jewish stereotype: neither or both? In terms of understanding the question posed in this paper, one should first look at the historical setting of the play; at the time the play was written, society itself was anti-Semitic, as during this time, Christians were forbidden, by law, to lend money and as such, Jews were the only people who entered in to money lending (usury). She also had a large heart and a pleasant disposition, something that endeared her character to the audiences, giving her another attribute, popularity as a fictional character that has been equalled by few others. It is a comedy in the sense that it has a lot of comic break and has a happy ending.

They entered in to this profession as they were banned, by law, from practising any other profession during this period in history, leading to many portrayals of Jews as greedy and evil in contemporary works of the time, for example... At par with other Shakespearean comic heroines like Beatrice and Rosalind, Portia overshadows the men in the play Antonio and Bassanio, and comes across as a protagonist who is actually the hero of the play. But only with the presence of the character Shylock, the play has a tragic touch. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare is the most famous and well known playwright of the English language and Merchant of Venice is one of his most performed plays even though the focus of the play is often the character of Shylock, the character of Portia remains quite important since she represents the highest values that Christian virtue could appeal to during the times.In this manner, the female characters become significantly more important than their male counterparts who may show weakness and even a defeatist attitude (Sanders, 1968).Work cited William Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice” A Norton Critical Edition Edited by Leah s. This quality appears early in the play, as Portia obeys her father's wishes...... The......16 May Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice is a sea of tragedy and romance.What is the relation between love and money in The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice, the celebrated romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, has been one of the most renowned plays by the author and it deals with various themes including the relationship between love and money. This has been very well conceptualized by Wilson Knight;it is the opposition of seas tragedy and romance.In this play he is the main source of conflict and he himself is engaged in it. In the play he submits himself to his material wealth and allows it to consume his thought s and mind. He is a good man but unable to control his rage against the society which never takes his side to understand him. The Merchant of Venice If a man has prejudged, negative opinions against a group of people, because of race, colour, wealth or any other reason, can he be considered to be “uneducated” in the modern world or has society merely educated him with narrow-minded views?The Jews were a mysterious race reputed to be financially notorious and degenerate and thus were constantly subjugated and constricted….The play is generally recognized as a lively comedy of love and money in the sixteenth century Venice and the major plot of the play brings out the relationship between the two. According to him, the protagonists in the play are going through a sea of tragedy and romance. There is the flow of emotion going through the wires of the story and that it is connected in a way to romance.Written between 15, the comedy is noted for its dramatic scenes and the character of Shylock, who is one of the most celebrated...... The story revolves around a plot which is covered between the lead guys who are supposed to be struck by the fact that they will undergo tragedy, they will be treated in a negative manner and that it will lead to bad results for them. Shakespeare- Othello and the Merchant of Venice Othello The theme in the play prejudice between the Moor and the Venetians Othello is an African Native, the Moor, residing and working in Venice.


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