Siemens Case Study Motivation

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As a result the company saw that the absenteeism rate dropped dramatically in the 18 months after the programme was implemented.

In a world with an aging population, this company has decided to work on improving the working conditions for people woring in their factories and that were over 45 years old.

These are engineering, information technology, and business. Each graduate, who joined in Siemens, treated as an individual.

So, they can discuss with their line manager, when they start, to decide on graduate’s individual training and development plan.

CASE STUDY Q1: Using your understanding of the work of Herzberg, which motivators can you see in action at Siemens?

Frederick Herzberg proposed a very popular theory of motivation termed as the two- factor theory, or motivation – hygiene theory has been widely accepted by managers concerned with the problem of human behavior at work.

By knowing how to apply the SWOT analysis, Siemens will be competitive to its competitors (Zahorsky, 2009).

Siemens has a lot of strengths in the business environment through the motivation of its employees within a creative environment.

As a consequence, they achieved in one year a reduction of 4,000 tons of CO2 emissions and saved 0,000 in the first year through simple measures like improved lighting, installing a wind turbine, and by implementing more efficient management practices.

The company provided women with health education and with improved clinic services.


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